Leading the Global Revolution in Interactive Digital Online Entertainment Franchises for Kids and Families


IEDC is leading the new wave of internet entertainment companies by integrating its library of children’s video with powerful gaming engines to produce the next generation of online social game franchises.

Our mission is to set the standard with wholesome, fun, family entertainment franchises that deliver enjoyment, life skills and positive guidance.

We have created a game-changing mix of social interaction, gaming and 3D virtual worlds through content that is values-driven, entertaining and educational for the new generation of internet families.

IEDC specializes in pre-school (age 3-5), kids (age 5-10), tweens (age 8-12) and teens markets.

"Building the youth for the future is our social mission.
Building the world’s greatest kids and family digital entertainment company is our corporate goal."

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Introducing Virtual TV - A Revolution in Family Entertainment

In 2005 a visionary creative and commercial team in Brisbane, Australia set out to redefine children’s animation. The result was a fun, wholesome entertainment experience that set a new standard in kids TV. They called it FARMkids. Within 12 months it had gone global.

Today, this same team is breaking new digital boundaries. How? By taking FARMkids, where today’s kids (and their families) live and play – into virtual worlds, social games, and mobile apps! FARMkids was hot because each episode focused on core family values. FARMkids took honesty, faith, integrity, respect and justice and more, and wove them into a crazy TV series. Kids loved having their favorite FARMkids friend; parents loved the family values in each episode; and everyone loved the wacky mix of an old-fashioned farm with wild 3D animation.

Fast forward.

Today’s kids and families have gone digital. They are savvy social media, gaming and smart phone users. They live an online, social, game playing, mobile life where the smart phone, tablet or computer is their window to the world, their friends, their entertainment, their shopping and the information that shapes their lives.

And yet in this ultra-networked world, families never seem to have time to connect like they once did, never have time for those all-important family values that shape the next generation.

Until now.

The development team (now reborn as IEDC) had the vision to pick up FARMkids and move them to TV’s future – mobile, digital interactive platforms.

IEDC takes the wholesome, family TV style entertainment off the television screen and into contemporary virtual environments as online, interactive entertainment and educational experiences which can be shared with friends and families and supported by traditional educational materials such as books.

The old saying “the family that plays together, stays together” is as true today as it was in the past. But the way that today’s family plays together needs to be consistent with the way that today’s family lives.

IEDC entertainment franchises for pre-school children, kids aged 5 – 10, tweens age 8 – 12 and teens are designed to bring a new dimension in entertainment and personal development for these age groups.

Each entertainment platform delivers experiences, core values, education and just plain old-fashioned good fun that is age appropriate and safe so that young people can explore their world within our Virtual Worlds.

Our mission is to set the standard with wholesome, fun, family entertainment that delivers enjoyment, life skills and positive guidance.

Building the youth for the future is our social mission.

Building the world’s greatest kids and family digital entertainment company is our corporate goal.

The Company - A Brief Overview

International Entertainment Development Corporation Inc (IEDC) is a USA registered, public corporation that has acquired the entertainment franchises and the core team from the Australian developers.

Since 2006 the team has produced and distributed multi-award winning entertainment as animation, lifestyle and music programs for traditional TV, multi-media and the internet with a focus on family and kids.

These programs have been bought by Disney, HBO, FOX, ABC, Viacom, Blockbuster and many other major broadcasters with audiences in 120+ countries and across all platforms including TV, DVD, internet and mobile.

Our management team has proven experience in the creation, production, delivery and commercialization of entertainment products globally. Our team has founded and built successful companies in TV, internet and lifestyle entertainment.

Founders of the IEDC management team are:

  • Ian A JonesPresident and Chief Executive Officer

    With international business experience in Australia, Asia, Europe and the United States over 24 years, Ian has established and run companies in media, investments and biotechnology. As Managing Director and Executive Producer for FARMkids and The Creative Farm group of companies from 2006 he drove the production, distribution and commercialization for the portfolio of entertainment products across pre-school, kids, tweens and teens audiences. He has conceived and designed the transformation of the TV properties into the new Virtual World interactive platforms.

  • Jillian PattinsonVice President, Group Services

    Jillian is an experienced Producer, Client Manager and Financial Controller in the media industry working at FARMkids, The Creative Farm and FCCE Asia Pacific to manage and control the production pipelines and the financial systems for all entities. Jillian has also been responsible for client and contract management for the group’s global distribution operations.

Our Board of Directors has a depth of experience in public company management, finance and banking and the entertainment sector. The Board is comprised of the company President, Ian Jones, and 3 non-executive directors who are also members of the Audit, Risk and Remuneration Committee:

  • Brook RobertsChairman, Board of Directors; Chairman, Audit, Risk & Remuneration Committee

    Brook has spent 30 years in the finance industry including as Senior Manager New Technology Clients for Barclays Bank UK. He has operated throughout the UK, Europe, USA, Australia and Asia as a company doctor and corporate finance specialist.

  • John S WhalenNon-Executive Director; Secretary, Audit, Risk & Remuneration Committee

    John has extensive experience in the development of new technology companies and has served on the Boards of 3 public listed companies and their Audit, Risk and Remuneration Committees. He is responsible for governance and compliance at IEDC and oversees the company’s comprehensive corporate systems and procedures.

  • Kurt RiederNon-Executive Director; Member, Audit, Risk & Remuneration Committee

    Kurt has a distinguished career in the media sector since 1991 including at Warner Bros, United International Pictures, Artisans Gateway and Golden Village. He serves on the Boards of media, event and festival organizations, is a US citizen and a resident of Singapore.

IEDC is in the process of listing on the USA Pink Sheets OTC Trading Platforms with the objective of maximising shareholder returns in the near term. The company is positioning to move when criteria are met to the NASDAQ Capital Markets.

Detailed information on the company and its operations is available upon request. Click here for a copy of the IEDC Corporate Profile and to receive Investor Updates.

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